The Company

About Avum

Since 1991, Avum Inc. has been trusted by government and commercial customers to solve complex technological problems. Drawing on decades of experience in advanced systems engineering, data visualization, enterprise system integration, and agile development, Avum’s extensive team of developers, engineers, and IT professionals continually delivers effective solutions. With a commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional integrity, Avum takes pride in the trust that defines our relationships with employees and customers.

Who we are


Care, Dignity, & Respect

We treat individuals with care, dignity, and respect with our teams collaborating in an open and constructive manner.


Trust, Openness, & Integrity

Avum's commitment to integrity and openness establishes the trust that defines our relationships with customers and employees.


Excellence & Diligence

Our products and services reflect the excellence and diligence Avum embodies as we strive to exceed customers' expectations.

What we do


Foster Creative Minds

People are the building blocks of success. Fostering creative, resourceful, and capable minds is the key to Avum's triumphs.


Agile Development

Avum's developers use decades of experience in agile methodology to continually iterate with stakeholders towards the best solution.


Confident Results

The good ideas, processes, or people you've developed are only as impactful as your ability to execute. Avum consistently delivers.