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Our core capabilities translate to excellent solutions across a broad spectrum of software engineering disciplines. We realize solid systems engineering based on experience and our application repositories provide the foundation for success on all of our projects. This foundation is then coupled with our unique style of leadership and communication to generate an outstanding solution for success.

App Development

We design applications tailored to the customer’s vision and developed using Agile techniques and leading edge frameworks. Our priority is getting the application into our customers’ hands as soon as possible for feedback that helps us cater each development cycle to their specific need. Functionality, Performance, and End-User experience define the success of our applications.

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Systems Integration

Modernizing and integrating legacy systems can be a daunting task. Fortunately, our team has years of experience architecting, building and implementing systems into a unified enterprise environment. From the 1000 foot view, down to the individual protocols, we ensure that the totality of the system is designed and developed to maximize performance with minimal maintenance through automation.

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Predictive Analytics

We implement our machine learning framework on top of your data to analyze and ultimately identify patterns and trends. Our specialized developers extensively train the learning application, reducing false positives and continuously improving its precision. Knowing how your organization’s metrics are performing right now makes you aware, but predicting future performance makes you prepared.

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Cyber Security

Application systems interface with users and services externally and internally, all of which create security risks. We implement comprehensive cybersecurity controls and procedures to control these threat vectors and prevent vulnerability. We are responsible for implementing system security in-line with the latest government standards (i.e., RMF support, system STIGs, NIST requirements, etc.) and with 24/7 data traffic monitoring. Under our watch, mission-critical systems are protected and data leaks are eliminated.

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Business Intelligence

We architect systems that ensure that the data’s accuracy and quality is maintained from its source, through to our analytical dashboard applications designed specifically to support our customer’s decision making process. We develop intuitive dashboards and reports that enable instant visibility into your organization’s operations and provide the answers you need.

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Research & Development

Technology evolves, older software becomes obsolete, and demands for improved functionality never ends. We actively discover new frameworks, methods, and emerging products for dedicated research. We then verify its applicability, develop functional prototypes, and ultimately deploy innovative systems that progressively improve our customers’ technical capabilities. We acquire subject matter experts from a range of scientific fields, ensuring that the research mirrors the quality of the technology we develop.

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