Core Capabilities

Our core capabilities translate to excellent solutions across a broad spectrum of software engineering disciplines. We realize solid systems engineering based on experience and our application repositories provide the foundation for success on all of our projects. This foundation is then coupled with our unique style of leadership and communication to generate an outstanding solution for success. For more information, download the Introduction to Avum (PDF).


We design applications tailored to the customer’s vision through the use of Agile methodology and leading-edge frameworks and deliver each iteration rapidly through CI/CD pipelines. Functionality, performance, and the end-user experience define the success of our applications.

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At Avum, we find that the best development process involves frequent collaboration with our users. By rapidly delivering software increments, users can provide hands-on feedback for new features and functionality. As requirements change and users interact with new features, our team stands ready to iterate and improve.

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Systems Integration

Our team has years of experience planning, building, and implementing systems into a unified enterprise environment. We ensure that the totality of the system is designed and developed to maximize performance with minimal maintenance.

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Predictive Analytics

Our data scientists have a wealth of experience creating and training models to identify patterns and trends of data through Natural Language Processing (NLP). We then integrate our Cognitive Learning Application Framework to incorporate a model designed for the customer with their data and provide precise decision support.

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Cyber Security

We implement system security in-line with the latest government standards (i.e., RMF support, system STIGs, NIST 800-53 requirements, etc.) and monitor data traffic 24/7 to control threats and prevent vulnerability. Under our watch, mission-critical systems are protected, and data leaks are eliminated.

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Business Intelligence

We architect systems that ensure data accuracy and quality, and our analytical dashboard applications are designed specifically to support our customer’s decision-making process. We develop intuitive dashboards and reports that enable instant visibility into your organization’s operations and provide the answers you need.

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Low-Code Development

Our development team features a wide array of associate and senior developers with years of experience utilizing low-code and Appian development to deliver tangible results faster than the competition. The added efficiency and flexibility provided by low-code development helps us rapidly deploy solutions to our customers.

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Cloud Computing

Our development team can re-engineer your legacy applications to utilize the full benefits of cloud architecture and cloud-native services, such as greater customer experience with high availability, reduced latency and the ability to scale rapidly to customer demands.

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Project Management

Processes and people are only as affective as the team’s ability to execute. Leadership guides our consistent execution. Our leadership guides our excellent team of developers in communication, prioritization of tasks, decision making, coordination, and growth, utilizing our team to its fullest.

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