Team With Us

At Avum, we recognize that the combination of our size and our concentrated expertise limits the opportunities we can effectively pursue. However, through teaming arrangements we have effectively pursued and then efficiently delivered systems and services to satisfied clients.

We have teamed with companies of all sizes — small, medium, and large — as both a team member and as the prime contractor. We have been a valuable subcontractor, bringing expertise to the overall team and satisfaction to the client.

We especially want to team with other small businesses; together, we can pursue and win opportunities that would have proved impossible for either of us to pursue separately.

We have mentored other small businesses to establish development methodology, to implement business processes, and to become comfortable with federal contracting rules.

Please contact us to discuss teaming arrangements.

If Your Company...

  • has expertise in:
    • application and system design, implementation, delivery, and enhancement,
    • systems integration,
    • enterprise data management or database services,
    • technical and application architecture,
    • IT security certification and accreditation (IATO & ATO),
    • Business Intelligence (BI) architecture,
    • systems operations and maintenance,
    • help desk or desktop support, and
    • server upgrade and migration;
  • or operates in the business areas of:
    • reconnaissance systems,
    • imaging and image processing,
    • health care, 
    • information technology practices in IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA),

...then we want to talk to you.