Cost Accountant/HR & Office Assistant

Job Title: Cost Accountant/HR & Office Assistant

Job Location: Agoura Hills, CA

About this job:

Avum, Inc. is seeking an Cost/General Accountant to manage financial transactions, payroll, and billing to ensure accurate and timely payments for all corporate accounts. Avum is also looking for someone to contribute in other ways to the company, such as in Human Resources, Marketing & Research, Proposal Writing, and Office Management. The candidate should be comfortable working with a diverse team of individuals who work both locally and remotely.

We are seeking an individual who is willing to contribute in many ways to the development of the company. This employee will be mainly in charge of maintaining Avum's accounting and payroll, but will also work with executives in presenting new and innovative ways to organize and manage accounting activities, leveraging Avum's unique capabilities in developing the company's marketing and research, contributing to Human Resources in the acquisition of new employees, and assisting in the management of Avum's office. An individual who has the background and confidence to make suggestions for process improvement is highly desirable.

The ability to always learn and share knowledge with peers in a fast-paced atmosphere is required to be successful in this dynamic role. Avum wants to hire someone who can take their responsibilities as an accountant, and extend them to provide other necessary skills and creatively broaden Avum's capabilities as an engineering company. Avum provides an exciting, fast-paced environment and rewards dedication and innovation.

Candidates must be U.S. Citizens and be able to pass a background investigation.

Essential Functions:

  • Provide management of all corporate accounts including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Asset Management, and Payroll
  • Develop and plan strategy for ensuring all transactions occur on time
  • Work with the Human Resources Specialist to assist with payroll processing
  • Assist in annual Financial and DCAA audits as necessary
  • Possess a working knowledge of GAAP, FAR and CAS
  • Evaluate appropriate revenue recognition methodology, ensuring compliance with contractual commitments, including GAAP, FAR, and CAS
  • Construct data accumulation systems for a cost accounting system
  • Create, maintain, and follow sound internal controls for revenue recognition and project accounting procedures
  • Assist in yearly budget and ongoing forecast efforts to ensure controlled cash flow, avoiding underruns and overruns
  • Prepare P&L and balance sheet analytics for corporate accounting, to include explanations for significant variances to budget, prior reporting periods and/or prior years
  • Prepare G/L account reconciliations and journal entries, to include recurring monthly entries and inter-company reconciliation with a corporate accounting team
  • Contribute in the efficient management of Avum's Engineering Campus in Agoura Hills, CA, performing office assistant duties such as filing, making copies, crafting emails, and tidying up the office • Aid in the writing of project proposals and development of creative marketing techniques to acquire new government and commercial business contracts
  • Contribute to the company's research and development team; leveraging the company's capabilities to conduct research in areas within the company's scope and present your research in a well-formulated white paper
  • Assist our Human Resources specialist in directing the human resource activities within Avum, including staff recruitment, interviewing, training and updating staff on company personnel policies, procedures, and regulations.

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Clear understanding of accounting procedures and internal controls
  • Ability to work in collaboration with other team members, or work independently to meet project requirements and expectations 
  • Possess excellent oral and written communications skills, with the ability to elaborate on a broad scope of activities
  • Must be very thorough, meticulous and attentive to detail as appropriate for all work activities.
  • Quantitative analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively with technical, operational, and management audiences with broad and varied backgrounds.
  • Possess a broad knowledge of Microsoft Excel with experience using it for accounting purposes.
  • Technically capable of employing new tools and related technologies supporting the office, specifically including computer-related activities on the Apple Mac or MS Windows platforms)
  • Ability to apply experience in Microsoft product suite, including MS Project, MS Office (specifically Excel, Word, and PowerPoint).
  • Advanced knowledge and experience with QuickBooks is a major plus
  • Experience in HR, marketing, research, proposal writing, and office management also a major plus
  • Willingness and desire to continue to learn and master new skills

Education/Work Experience: Bachelor's degree, with Major in Accounting or Business (Accounting emphasis preferred). Related corporate accounting experience in the realm of government contracting is a major plus. Must be highly proficient in Microsoft Excel.

Place of Performance: The primary place of performance shall be in Agoura, California. 

Salary/Benefits: Commensurate with experience.  Position is full time, and is salaried, with benefits.

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Internship Program

Avum offers an internship program for students pursuing degrees in the Computer Science, Information Technology and Engineering industries.