Mission Assurance

  • Spitzer Space Telescope

    The Spitzer Space Telescope is the largest infrared telescope ever launched into space. Its highly sensitive instruments give a unique view of the Universe, allowing us to peer into regions of space which are hidden from optical telescopes. Many areas of space are filled with vast, dense clouds of gas and dust, which block our view. Infrared, however can penetrate these clouds, allowing us to peer into regions of star formation, the centers of galaxies, and into newly forming planetary systems. The SIRTF telescopes provide information on non-light emitting matter, which we believe may make up as much as a mind bending ninety-nine percent of the total mass of the Universe. Scientists believe there may be entire solar systems with planets orbiting objects significantly more massive than Jupiter, but which don’t have the mass required to initiate nuclear fusion required to become a star.

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Our engineers provide specialized mission assurance in the development, acquisition, manufacturing, testing, integration, and site support of mission critical systems, including: space telescopes and satellite systems. We provide full spectrum security; reliability, maintainability, and availability engineering; systems-safety engineering; hardware and software quality engineering; software assurance practices; and lifecycle support. Avum personnel develop and review mission assurance and safety requirements and carry out design reviews and analysis, safety analysis, requirements verification, test readiness reviews, integration and test support, and operations support to ensure that those requirements are designed into the corresponding systems. For a multitude of projects, our staff of highly trained professionals have provided:

  • Assembly, Test & Launch Operations (ATLO) >

    • Support spacecraft integration at LMSSC
    • Prepare procedures and specifications for the installation of the payload electronic boxes and related interface equipment
    • Support payload integration and spacecraft / payload integration at LMSSC
    • System and acoustic test verification including formal system acceptance tests at LMSSC and preparation for shipment to launch site
  • Astrophysics & Mission Operations Planning >

    • Orbital Mechanics and Modeling
    • Mission Analysis, Planning, and Scheduling
    • Spacecraft Systems Operations
    • Payload/Spacecraft Simulation
    • Graphical Timelines of Science and Orbital Operations
  • Command and Data Handling & Power Distribution Electronics >

    • Initial Equipment selection, specification and customer presentations
  • Cryogenic Temperature Instrumentation Architecture, Test, & Analysis >

    • Fault Protection Algorithm design, test script development and test analysis
    • Ascent Sequence design, test script development and test analysis
    • Small Signal Measurement electronics
    • Cryogenic Motor Actuator control and Positions Detection
    • Paraffin Actuator FSW fault protection, test script development and test analysis
    • Mass Gage / Make Up Heater FSW fault protection, test script development and test analysis
    • Support ATLO test script development and test analysis
    • Flight Software Regression Test analysis and SPR resolution
    • Test analysis for System Integration and Launch Operations
    • Pre-Launch test analysis
    • Initial Orbit Checkout test analysis
  • CTA Analog Circuit Analysis >

    • Circuit stability analysis
    • Comparison to alternate designs of closed loop milli Kelvin cryogenic temperature monitoring circuit and Inductive Proximity Position Sensor circuit
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Our Solution Services

  • Project Management >

    Our results-oriented management and highly trained and skilled staff deliver products and services within budget and on schedule. Management methodologies we use include: CMMI-based Integrated Product & Process (IPPD) team approach, Agile/Scrum methodology applied to life-cycle design and implementation, and Kanban just-in-time development.
  • Distributed Applications >

    At Avum, we continue to pursue the application of our unique expertise in developing both government and commercial distributed applications. We work diligently to ensure government and commercial agencies not only meet their business goals, but gain meaningful earned value through our innovative solutions. Our solutions have frequently proven to save clients millions of dollars per year.
  • Customer Relationship & Team Building >

    Whether we are adapting system frameworks to satisfy specific requirements or supporting our clients in running their IT systems, our technical leadership and collaborative abilities ensure results that meet and exceed customer expectations. Our team building expertise has been proven on systems engineering in support of defense engineering, space systems, and distributed web-based e-Government and e-Commerce applications.
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