Enterprise Systems

We provide a number of innovative enterprise solutions for our clients, from eCommerce and Trade Promotion Management to Supply Chain Management and integration with information and financial systems, and everything in between. Our combined technical and business acumen ensures our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions fully meet the needs of our clients.

  • Enterprise Application Integration >


    We help organizations perform with increased speed by providing application integration software to leverage your existing IT assets and utilize business processes more fully. Our custom Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions bridge the gap between distributed enterprise computer applications through the use of software, hardware, and network architecture principles-from middleware technologies such as message-oriented middleware (MOM), to data representation technologies such as XML-allowing for the unrestricted sharing of data across business processes.

    Our Application Integration Server v. 2.0 is designed to provide seamless integration between all enterprise systems and software, and has proven itself time and time again at Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations for over a decade.

  • Business Intelligence >

    Our Intelligent Agent Framework facilitates the efficient categorization and retrieval of vast quantities of disparate and heterogeneous data, applying data fusion to create derived data, which clarify data relationships for better user problem resolution. This requires little human involvement, other than occasional subject matter expert (SME) to keep the collaborative process on track. This helps meet the market needs of organizations in a wide variety of sizable government and commercial sectors. The Intelligent Agent Framework is uniquely suited to modern business activity monitoring precisely because it reduces the required amount of human involvement through the use of autonomous agents.

  • Business Process Reengineering >

    Our team provides business analysis and reengineering services for business enterprise restructuring and efficiency improvement in a dynamically changing business environment. Increasing government cost awareness results in a corresponding growth in demand for these services. Our goal is to assist an organization in articulating their vision and providing the infrastructure to become more efficient and cost effective.

    We provide innovation through reengineering, preferring to avoid incremental improvement, a prime enabler of complacency and resulting loss of traction in the market place.

    We team with corporate, DoD, and other government agencies, in exploring their current business structure, enabling us to make recommendations to optimize their operations. Our analysis considers business incentives, industry best practices, emerging technology, and changing markets and economic forces as they affect current business goals.

    Using Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), we have linked together multiple systems using legacy interfaces and web services, saving both government and commercial organizations millions of dollars.

  • Customer Relationship Management >

    Through methodologies, software, and Internet interaction, our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions can help your organization manage customer relationships in an organized way, connecting with customers in ways they had not previously thought possible. For example, a properly configured customer database that describes relationships in detail can help management, salespeople, service agents, and perhaps even the customers themselves access information, match customer needs with product and service offerings, send out reminders of service requirements, etc.

    Customer retention is key to our business success. Our CRM strategies, processes and technologies enable organizations to more effectively attract and retain customers, helping maximize corporate growth and profit. All Avum CRM solutions are designed with the goal of meeting and exceeding customer expectations and needs, fostering repeat business and increasing the lifetime value of those customers.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning >

    Our ERP solutions enable organizations to effectively manage inventory, resources, and business processes, enterprise-wide.The integration of various business functions, a custom ERP solution from Avum, leverages existing resources in helping organizations achieve their goals. Our engineers will evaluate specific situations and help build a perfectly tailored solution that can be entirely custom, or integrate with systems like Oracle or SAP.

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Our Solution Services

  • Project Management >

    Our results-oriented management and highly trained and skilled staff deliver products and services within budget and on schedule. Management methodologies we use include: CMMI-based Integrated Product & Process (IPPD) team approach, Agile/Scrum methodology applied to life-cycle design and implementation, and Kanban just-in-time development.
  • Distributed Applications >

    At Avum, we continue to pursue the application of our unique expertise in developing both government and commercial distributed applications. We work diligently to ensure government and commercial agencies not only meet their business goals, but gain meaningful earned value through our innovative solutions. Our solutions have frequently proven to save clients millions of dollars per year.
  • Customer Relationship & Team Building >

    Whether we are adapting system frameworks to satisfy specific requirements or supporting our clients in running their IT systems, our technical leadership and collaborative abilities ensure results that meet and exceed customer expectations. Our team building expertise has been proven on systems engineering in support of defense engineering, space systems, and distributed web-based e-Government and e-Commerce applications.
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