Avum Provides System Engineering and Expert-Level C&A Support on the DON CMRA for the Department of the Navy Manpower, Reserve Affairs

The Department of the Navy Contractor Manpower Reporting Application (DON CMRA) is used to track all Navy contracts worldwide. The Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) uses the DON CMRA to view and report a wide collection of data to analyze contract spending to help determine spending projections for the future. DASN (AP) needed Avum’s services in system engineering and expert-level Certification and Accreditation (C&A) support on this project to facilitate development of the DON CMRA and to meet the requirements for being granted Authority to Operate (ATO) in a challenging timeframe.

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An Autonomous Machine Learning Approach for Global Terrorist Recognition

A major intelligence challenge we face in today’s national security environment is the threat of a terrorist attack against our national assets, especially our citizens. This paper addresses global reconnaissance which incorporates an autonomous Intelligent Agent/Data Fusion solution for recognizing potential risk of terrorist attack through identifying and reporting imminent persona-oriented terrorist threats based on data reduction/compression of a large volume of low latency data possibly from hundreds, or even thousands of data points.

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