Avum creates Tableau Dashboard for the Navy’s eBusiness Team


As part of a prototyping project for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Acquisition and Procurement (DASN(AP)), Avum created the DON Procurement Toolkit, which includes a robust dashboard/reporting capability that Avum developed to display Navy spending and contract related data.


Avum compiles data from multiple sources including FPDS-NG, Seaport, ACBIS, USASpend.gov and the DON Procurement Toolkit itself. This data is consolidated and managed in our database and is used to populate Tableau dashboards and reports. Avum set up the Tableau Server for Navy users to easily access, view, and export their own customized financial and contract data reports/dashboards. In addition to the Tableau dashboards, Avum developed a Java-based dashboard that gives DASN (AP) users the ability to have a "global view" of all the Procurement Performance and Management Assessment Program (PPMAP) activity and results.   

We use an iterative design, development, and integration process that involves continual customer review and feedback. Based off of the prioritized requirements and in accordance with the approved Project Management Plan (PMP), our team modifies the Toolkit application components and frequently incorporates the customer's input. The required external data elements are documented in Avum’s project management system (Redmine), along with the source system's interface specifications.


Avum's team implements the following iterative process to incorporate new components into the Toolkit:

1. Develop Toolkit components based off of the approved design plan.

2.Integrate the corresponding data feeds from external systems to the back-end SQL database.

3.Test the components using JUnit.

4.Migrate and deploy new components into the functional Toolkit prototype hosted on Avum's secure cloud hosting environment.

5.Test entire Toolkit application and verify end-to-end functionality with new components.

6.Provide a demo to the customer and instructions for their own "hands-on'' review.

7.Receive feedback and modify or add to the design plan.