Port of Los Angeles AiM Implementation

Avum was awarded a subcontract with AssetWorks through the Port of Los Angeles for implementation of a technologically based management system that will enable the Port to streamline business process.

Avum will work directly with AssetWorks, a Texas-based integrated technology firm, to implement the AiM system through the spring of 2010. The new system will facilitate the Port’s efforts in improving management and accountability and the inner workings between various divisions, with a particular focus in consolidating the Real Estate Division’s information.

In addition to saving time and resources, the new system will target what have been some longstanding issues at the Port, specifically, synthesized and detailed information on tenant permits, a means to help manage status of current projects and leases, improved accounting and financials and heightened control over construction and maintenance service requests.

Avum’s role on the project will be two part; Avum personnel will attend meetings with AssetWorks and Port staff to detail and document Port business process and goals for utilizing the AiM system, as well as serve in a research capacity, helping in data acquisition and input of real estate information directly into the AiM system.

“We are extremely pleased to team with AssetWorks on this project and work with the Port of Los Angeles in what will hopefully be the beginning of a long lasting business relationship,” said Avum’s President, Randall Mora. “Avum is also excited to be a part of the efforts to improve operations at the Port in its move to technologically based management.”

The Port of Los Angeles is a world-class cargo and shipping center located in the San Pedro Bay, south of the City of Los Angeles. The Port operates as one of the city’s departments, though it generates its own revenue, based on shipping services and property rental and real estate. Its area covers roughly 7,500 acres with 43 miles of waterfront.