Avum Wins Department of Defense Team Excellence Award

On February 24, 2010, Avum was awarded the DoD Procurement e-Business Team Excellence Award. This prestigious award was for an innovative solution, enabling the Navy to certify its auto-population of multiple contract writing systems and services, saving the government $8 million annually in Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) payment fees. Thus, the Navy received a multiple return on investment (ROI) in only the first year, with the same return continuing into subsequent years.

The Navy, to their credit, had an outstanding idea. It then became Avum's privilege and most interesting challenge to implement that idea through optimization, data gathering, validation, repository population, organization, and reporting, while exceeding expectations of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (DASN) - Acquisition and Logistics Management (A&LM), Washington, D.C., in the Navy's Mechanization of Contract Administrative Service (MOCAS) integration efforts.

Avum utilized BPEL workflows to analyze XML flow of contract data seamlessly across enterprise-wide, disparate user applications and geographically distributed user portals for integrity, before submitting scrubbed and validated contract data to MOCAS.

We applied our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based middleware system to validate all contracts from the Navy writing system (SPS, Seaport, and N-ERP) prior to their being imported into MOCAS or STARS One-Pay Payment Office.

This task was comprehensive, requiring underlying engineering to support the Navy Contract writing systems and an in-depth understanding of MOCAS. The process, which we built with our Navy team, is extensible, allowing periodic updates to support Navy systems with new processes and interfaces as needs and technology change. We use this as an example of what can be accomplished when a customer and developer work together to turn ideas into reality.