Avum Supports The Navy Fleet and Family Support Management Information System (FFSMIS)

Avum was awarded a U.S. Navy five-year contract for the Fleet Family Support Programs Management Information Systems (FFSMIS) framework to support the system’s new reporting and agency collaboration requirements.

The FFSMIS framework was designed by the Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) in 2005 to manage and track child and spousal abuse incidents. Currently, the program is used at over 70 worldwide sites by roughly 1000 users. This intensified demand for the application spurred a need for Avum to enhance the framework to deliver improved efficiency, as well as better record keeping and accountability.

During Avum’s assessment phase of the project, Avum was able to identify and correct configuration issues with the backup strategy, hardware configuration, operating system configuration, database instance configuration, Microsoft Cluster configuration and application base code.

“Avum has made significant gains in system stability and operational efficiency since winning the FFSMIS contract,” said Andrew Mora, Solutions Architect, Database Systems. “The configuration changes Avum made has provided a more stable platform, while the process of software engineering has made significant improvements to ongoing code releases.”

Four full time staff members work on the project and meet and brief daily for development meetings to plan tasks and make sure everything is in order and to ensure that weekly roles of each team member are clearly defined. Avum also hosts at least one meeting with the FFSMIS customer team monthly to keep them up to date with progress and work.

Day to day tasks include rewriting and automating data extraction and reporting processes,
making gap modifications, updating, testing and releasing software and developing user training materials prior to the release of major changes, all of which are complaint with the existing program.

Eventually Avum will be making a significant migration of the entire FFSMIS system to a new virtual architecture.