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Carlos Parada, Operations Director - Information Technology

Carlos Parada joined Avum in March 2001. As the company's Information Technology Operations Director,  Parada oversees the companies Information Technology portfolio and product development and engineering for numerous Avum projects with a primary focus on further developing and integrating the functionality of our business solutions products and frameworks.

Parada has led many teams of 15 or more developers on a variety of different projects- mentoring, leading, and providing efficient, collaborative guidelines and standards. He has vast experience in designing and implementing content management systems, websites, e-commerce websites, web applications, Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management solutions databases, database applications, and integration processes used in mission critical environments for both government and commercial customers.

Parada is a graduate of the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and is fluent in Spanish.

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