Health & Wellness

With the growing push for common record formats and data portability and HIPAA's mandate for information and records security, there exists a growing priority for the secure and efficient gathering, storing, and electronic distribution of data. At the same time, rapidly accelerating technology change is enabling previously undreamt devices for real-time patient data capture, care provider information display and mobile connectivity within hospitals.

To address these complex and interrelated healthcare challenges, we build teams of highly specialize talent to deliver high value services across the domain.

  • CIO Support >

    We support organizational process modification required by changing laws, regulations, and polices.
  • Digital Government >

    We have created highly accessible, digital, electronic systems to replace paper-based services; re-engineering, rather than replicating those services. When switching from paper to digital, we do not automate the manual procedure, but adapt customer systems to emerging technologies for order of magnitude improvement in efficiency and cost.
  • Enterprise Management Systems >

    We have integrated financial, manufacturing, and logistic applications to control, monitor, and coordinate business activities.
  • Imaging & Image Processing >

    We build systems that collect, store, catalog, and display digital images on computers and personal electronic devices.
  • Infrastructure Protection & Information Assurance >

    We protect information and information systems by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability, restoration, authentication, non-repudiation, protection, detection, and monitoring. This is facilitated through our strict enablement of cyber security across all systems, including an inherent awareness of invasive spyware and malware.
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