Consumer Goods & Services

Consumer goods and services, from an electronic systems standpoint, are represented by objects driving the design of our Web-based applications and eBusiness. Goods and services plus distribution define commerce, which consists of filling and creating customer needs through a comprehensive supply chain. Goods, services and the related supply chain are interrelated through a series of complex links which, due to their sometimes fragile nature, we call “threads.”

Within this economic environment, Avum is engineering eCommerce solutions to monitor goods and services supply chain intersections for anomalies that could disrupt the commerce threads that support our multi-layered economy.

Our Role

In conjunction with Avum e-Business applications, we provide Subject Matter Expert (SME) support for a wide-range of system solutions and architectures. We specialize in goods and services supply chain optimization from concept and manufacturing/processing through marketing/trade promotions and distribution to point of sale.

Our objective is to provide near real-time availability of information that can be used for effective management decisions. We build efficient end-to-end processes that enable business intelligence and reduce overall costs.