We provide a variety of engineering and scientific solutions to meet our clients' need for highly skilled specialty services in support of spacecraft design, test, and operations. Our professional capabilities span a wide range of scientific applications, from spacecraft data handling systems to thermal engineering. Our experience and technical expertise also enable us to provide engineering products to support concurrent engineering and demanding schedules within a customer facility. Our engineering services embrace the entire development process, from proposal to launch, and flight and on-orbit support, providing our clients with compliant, cost effective solutions to help them attain their goals.

We provide capabilities in research and development, engineering, and support services for space systems. Our past experience includes an engineering team that worked with clients such as Lockheed MartinCalifornia Institute of Technology, and NASA/JPL, uniquely qualifying our scientists and engineers for the challenges of developing space exploration systems. Click here to learn more about our Aerospace Engineering projects.

We provide teams of experienced engineers for Government agencies and highly-specialized large and small businesses to deliver high-value IT services in the following areas:

  • Astrophysics & Mission Operations Planning
  • Spacecraft and Ground Systems Electronic Hardware Design
  • Space Environment Effects, Materials Applications
  • Power Distribution System and Electrical Harness
  • Thermal Analysis and Thermal Control System Design
  • Command & Data Handling Electronics Integration and Test
  • Data System Architecture