About Avum

Founded in 1992, Avum has made a positive impact on our customers' behalf, taking systems engineering and software development to a new level in the implementation and integration of our customers’ solutions. Our success stems from quality engineering in both Government and Commercial development. While our solutions are unique and highly specialized, they are developed within a broad technical base, ranging from business and government supply chain management, to aerospace applications, including NASA's unmanned exploration of our Solar System. This includes Avum-provided engineering for JPL’s Spitzer Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF), used to detect dark matter, which may make up over 99% of the mass of the Universe.

Photo: Enzo Varriale

Our successful integration of enterprise applications, aerospace engineering, and software development have shortened our customers' system development life cycles (SDLC) and demonstrably lowered their operating costs to preserve their budgets. We provide customers with leading-edge technology applied through effective and reliable custom engineering in the continuing improvement of our customers' products and services. Using a CMMI-based Integrated Product & Process Development (IPPD) team approach, we join with the customer to provide requirements analysis and project planning to ensure a solution to meet or exceed customer expectations, thus fostering our continued growth and return on investment. Our engineers have many years experience in supporting production and service environments, taking great pride of ownership for the applications they develop and maintain.

Our Service

Our customers rely on our engineers as a 24/7 safety net maintenance team. We maximize value with competitive rates, application of leading-edge technology and responsive customer service during and outside normal business hours.

Our Guarantee

Transitioning to Avum is risk-free as our engineers develop applications and solutions that are customized for our customers' needs. To guarantee these customized applications, we test and problem-solve through each stage of development until our customers are 100% satisfied.